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Quality Gear and Machine began operations in 1990 as a gear manufacturer comprised of just two employees, supplying gears and splined shafts to a wide range of manufacturing applications and has since expanded into a complete gear production and machining facility with 12 full time employees. 

In 2001 Quality Gear was acquired as a division of Hy-Tech Machine Inc. located in Cranberry Township, Pa, a world wide leader in the manufacture of pneumatic air tools. Quality Gear manufactures many of the air tool components such as gears and splined shafts that are used in the assembly of a full range of air tool products for both our own ATP brand other major pneumatic tool brand label tools manufactured at the Hy-Tech facility.

In addition to machining our own production components, Quality Gear and Machine continues as a job shop servicing a vast range of industrial customers including Mining, Agricultural, Environmental, Material Handling, Electrical Switchgear and Machine repair related operations. We provide production parts in larger quantities and continue to manufacture gear related parts in small quantities to meet all our customers needs.

Quality Gear and Machine takes pride in providing our unique gearing related manufacturing services, replicating old and obsolete gears, sprockets, and splined shafts from samples or customer drawings. Through reverse engineering, Quality Gear and Machine can manufacture new parts comparable to the original manufacturer’s specifications for a variety of applications.

Our state-of-the-art CNC equipment and in-house CAD/CAM expertise, enables us to offer improvements in clients’ designs and enhancement of manufacturing efficiency. Our belief is simple, be effective. Our combination of comprehensively trained personnel with today’s technology is what places Quality Gear and Machine among the leaders in the gear machining world.

In addition Quality Gear & Machine, our parent company can provide additional machining services.
HY-TECH has a well-earned reputation for a particular expertise in the area of hardened and ground parts. Our depth of experience in terms of years as well as types of parts manufactured, coupled with a broad range of equipment, enables us to provide tolerances as close as +.0002 inches. Precision grinding is our “specialty within.”

From the design, production, and assembly of complete units to sub-assembly; from large parts to small; HYTECH does it all. We combine the planning, programming, production, and equipment capabilities of a large company with the personal attention afforded by a small organization. HY-TECH’s production program affords first-rate customer flexibility.

HY-Tech is a full service facility. In addition to our in-house capabilities, we carefully select sources to provide heat-treating, plating, impregnating, destructive and nondestructive testing. Final inspection by HY-TECH assures customer satisfaction. We are innovative, yet precise. For service from a company excited by high technology, call upon HY-TECH MACHINE, INC.